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Picnic Sponsor 2012 & 2013


One of the world's foremost forensic engineering and consulting firms


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Picnic Sponsor 2013
Domain Building Concepts

Over 50 years of experience in commercial and residential general contracting, insurance restoration and remodeling
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CRS Temporary Housing

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Welcome Members

CCA would like to extend a warm welcome to new members:
Sylhet Eberhardt- Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc.
Michael Fenneman - Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc.
Mark Fischer - Fischer, Evans & Robbins
Daniel Hurley - Crabbe, Brown & James LLP
Jason Mosbaugh - Weltman Weinberg Reis
George Rittel - Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc.
David Vogt - Erie Insurance
Kermit Zimmerman - Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc.
Todd Zimmerman - Rohrbachers Cron Manahan Trimble & Zimmerman

CCA also extends a sincere "Thank You" to renewing members:
Bruce Baker - Cincinnati Insurance
Tina Balluff - ERS of Columbus
Greg Baney - Cincinnati Insurance
Tom Bensen - Bensen Fire & Safety Consulting
Walt Bensen -Bensen Fire & Safety Consulting
John Carioti - Carioti Jewelers
Tom Carney - Carney Building Systems
Greg DuBois - CTL Engineering
Phyllis Glaeser - Retired
Jon Hale - Thompson Building Associates
Jennifer Hastings - Neverman Construction
Michael Henry - Crabbe Brown & James
Kenna Johnson – MDD
Andy Jones - Farmers Insurance
Bob Kramb – Crawford
David May - Cincinnati Insurance
David Meisner - Metro Adjusting Service
Scott Moore - NEFCO
Robert Morgan - Erie Insurance
Jonathan Mount - Cunningham Lindsey
Ken Neverman - Neverman Construction
Matthew Planey - Crabbe Brown & James
Nathan Walker - Rimkus Consulting
Rick Walker - ERS of Columbus

Download our NEW MEMBERS Membership Application (.doc)
Download our RENEWAL Membership Application (.doc)

2017 Membership Renewal

Member Name Company
  Call Adjusting Services, Inc. - (304) 525-2221
Harrison Huenke Global Builders
  Reminger Co, LPA
Adkins, Joe SafeAuto Insurance
Adkins, Joshua SafeAuto Insurance
Anspaugh, Donald Isaac Brant Leaman & Teeter
Anthony, Carl Freund Freeze & Arnold
Baker, Bruce Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Baker, Glenn
Sea, Ltd.
Baker, Jason Sea, Ltd.
Balluff,Tina ERS of Columbus
Baney, Greg Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Barringer, Bruce Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Bell, Oran SafeAuto Insurance
Benedict, Matthew Frsteam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration, Inc.
Benik, Thomas Independent Adjuster
Bensen, Tom Bensen Fire & Safety Consulting
Bensen, Walt Bensen Fire & Safety Consulting
Blackburn, Thomas Buckley King, LPA
Bookman, Patti Office of the Ohio Insurance Liquidator
Bopp Jr., Donald Rimkus Consulting Group
Bowman, Roy SafeAuto Insurance
Bradigan, Brian Davis & Young
Bradley, Mark ServiceMaster of Central Ohio
Burch, Lagreta Westfield Insurance Co.
Burton, William DBG & Associates, Inc.
Butterfield, David Erie Insurance
Caldwell, Dan Rudick Forensic Engineering
Carioti, John Carioti Jewelers
Carney, Michael Perso
Carney,Tom Carney Building Systems
Carpino, Simone Buckley King, LPA
Carter, Frederick Carter-Rayones Claims Service
Cordial, Dennis Frontier Adjusters of Columbus
Cordle, Kelly Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Corwin, Kenneth Sea, Ltd.
Cottrill, Richard ServPro
Cromer, Vanessa SafeAuto Insurance
Cua, Mario Texcare
DallaRiva, Domenic Sea, Ltd.
Davis Jr., G. William Encompass Insurance/Retired
Davis, Alphonzo Farmers Insurance
DiPietro, Brenda Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association
Dove, Phil SafeAuto Insurance
Dubois, Greg CTL Engineering, Inc.
Dunn, Randy W.,
Fire & Explosion Consultants, LLC
Eberhardt, Sylhet Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc.
Edge, June Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association
Edmonds, Gregory Westfield Insurance Co.
Elias, Denise Westfield Insurance Co.
Farris, Matt Puroclean Restoration Experts
Felton, Tod Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Felton-Smith, Deirdre SafeAuto Insurance
Fenneman, Michael G. Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc. .
Fischer, Mark Fischer, Evans & Robbins
Ford, Tonya SafeAuto Insurance
Foster, Tammy SafeAuto Insurance
Franklin, Frances SafeAuto Insurance
Garrett, George Westfield Insurance Co.
Gates, Diana SafeAuto Insurance
Gauntner, Steve Sea, Ltd.
Gerardi, JoAnna SafeAuto Insurance
Gerhard, Greg Bob Daniel's Buick GMC
Gerling, Joseph Lane, Alton & Horst, LLC
Gintz, Jan-Michael Carrara Restoration of Greater Columbus
Hale, Jon Thompson Building Associates
Handley, Bob Handley's Home Improvement, LLC
Hastings, Jennifer Neverman Construction
Hays, Dave Belay USA Investigations
Henry, Michael Crabbe, Brown & James LLP
Hughes, Philip Hughes Forensic Accounting
Hunt, Tina SafeAuto Insurance
Hurley, Daniel Crabbe, Brown & James LLP
Huston, Larry McCombe Body Shop
Irvine, Terry Irvine & Associates
Johnson, Kenna MDD
Jones, Andy Farmers Insurance
Jones, Kevin  
Keen, David Keens Body Shop Inc
Kramb, Bob Crawford & Co.
Lahoud, Nina Frsteam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration, Inc.
Lehew, Joshua SafeAuto Insurance
Luyster, Jodi Navigant Consulting
Lyons, Kathy Feather Case Mgmt. & Constg.
Marks, Jon Westfield Insurance Co.
Matthews, Don Yellow Cab Co.
May, David Cincinnati Insurance Co.
McCoy, Anne Encompass Insurance
McCoy, Russ CNA/Retired
Meisner, David Metro Adjusting Service
Minister, Andrew Sea, Ltd.
Morgan Jr., Robert Erie Insurance
Mosbaugh, Jason Weltman Weinberg Reis
Mount, Jonathan G.,
AIC/General Adjuster
Cunningham Lindsey
Mowery, R.A. Mowery's Collision Inc.
Neverman, Ken Neverman Construction
Ochs, Colleen  
Oiler, Kristopher Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.
Parsons, Michelle Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Pate, Joseph Erie Insurance
Pate, Ken Frsteam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration, Inc.
Pestiarl, Tim Vaporjet
Phillips III, R.L. Kelly SafeAuto Insurance
Piotrowski, Peter Erie Insurance
Planey, Matthew Crabbe Brown & James
Potter, Sarah SafeAuto Insurance
Pruitt, Margaret SafeAuto Insurance
Ranney, David D.W. Ranney & Sons, Inc.
Richard M. Wyen Walt's Auto Inc.
Riesen, Kent Anspach Meeks Ellenberger LLP
Rings, Bobby Rockwood Dry Cleaners
Rittel, George C. Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc.
Robert, Tess SafeAuto Insurance
Sanders, Kate Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling
Seipel, Charles RFI-Utica National Ins. Co.
Severson, Layton LC Severson Co. Inc. - (614) 890-6611
Sheaffer, Susan Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association
Smith, Chad Erie Insurance
Smith, Linda Donan Engineering
Somogyi, Danielle Superior Settlements
St. John, Jennifer Westfield Insurance Co.
Staten, Matthew ServiceMaster of Central Ohio
Switzer, Tom Lane, Alton & Horst, LLC
Taylor, David Nationwide Insurance
Tenney, William Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.
Thomas, Joey George Thomas Contractor, Inc.
Touvell, Rudy Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.
Van Dorpe, Bruce Fire Investigation Services
Vogt, David Erie Insurance
Walker, Nathan Rimkus Consulting
Walker, Rick ERS of Columbus
Warner, Seth SafeAuto Insurance
West, Gary Neace Lukens
Winchell, Ronald RDW Group, LLC - 614-356-9517
Winkelman, Chuck Crawford & Co. (Retired)
Young, Craig 1st Response
Zimmerman, Kermit L. Rittel, Hill & Zimmerman Insurance Services, Inc.
Zimmerman, Todd Rohrbachers Cron Manahan Trimble & Zimmerman

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